Monday, June 17, 2013

createTank releases FOSS Authentication Libraries

WHITE HALL, WV — createTank® has teamed with MarcoPoloLoco and cr3473 (pronounced "create") to release free and open source (FOSS) authentication and session management libraries for Google App Engine.  The libraries support App Engine Python and Java SDKs under the monikers cerberus-python and cerberus-java.

The original library was written in Python for the server implementation of MarcoPoloLoco's spacetime messaging app. When developing other systems, cr3473 staff ported the library to Java preserving design patterns for interchangeable support. The team expects the libraries to evolve into a complete open source authentication system in the future with the release of RESTful web services and mobile client libraries (Android and iOS).

The libraries are released under the Apache License, Version 2.0, an Open Source Initiative (OSI) approved software license.  This license will allow developers to freely integrate the libraries into commercial and Free/Open Source systems.

The libraries are available via GitHub at the following URLs:

createTank is a software company specializing in open source software integration and licensing, services oriented architecture (SOA), scalable systems, secure cloud computing, and software development best practices.

cr3473 is an intellectual property (IP) holding company focusing on development of unique software products.

MarcoPoloLoco holds patent pending IP that that covers sending a message to people based upon the context of their physical location at a point in time, i.e. Spacetime Messaging. The MarcoPoloLoco app showcasing this technology is available for download for Android and iPhone devices.

For more information, contact Joe Roets at: (646) 355-8865 or:

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