Wednesday, June 19, 2013

createTank Awarded SimpliciKey® Contract

White Hall, WV — createTank®, llc has been awarded a contract to develop web services and a mobile user interface for the next generation SimpliciKey® Wireless Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt.

SimpliciKey® is the maker of Wireless Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt systems, which currently allow users to lock or unlock their doors by electronic key fob, alphanumeric keypad, or standard key. createTank will provide a web services cloud-based infrastructure which will allow SimpliciKey customers more power and flexibility in the control of their locks.

SimpliciKey's KeyCloud™ is a web-based system that enables users to control multiple home devices from anywhere in the world via Android or iOS smartphone or computer, as well as control interior lights and other KeyCloud™-compatible devices.

createTank is developing the cloud-based services environment for the KeyCloud™ system with secure, highly scalable web services. The mobile apps will be developed for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

The KeyCloud™ system is scheduled to be available in Q3 2013.

createTank is a software company specializing in the development of cutting-edge solutions for our public and private sector clients. We employ unique architectural strategies to save money for our customers. createTank offers many services including IT architecture, scalable software development, data modeling, and mobile app development.

SimpliciKey, LLC develops and manufactures products that make life just a little easier. Never forgetting the customer at every stage, SimpliciKey is dedicated to hearing and understanding the needs of consumers before the manufacturing process. The results are products that have the power to challenge and revolutionize the way in which everyday tasks are accomplished. SimpliciKey manufactures the SimpliciKey® Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt. Learn more at

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